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Dating After Divorce

dating after divorce After a separation or divorce, it's fairly common for your social scene to be affected. You may feel uncomfortable in a social setting without "your other". Friends may choose sides, resulting in a loss of your social circle. As well, dating after divorce or separation may be awkward, particularly if your relationship was long-term. Furthermore, dating as a single parent presents unique challenges. In view of these facts, we've included articles to help you navigate your way through your new social scene, such as Are you Ready for a New Man, and also The Divorcee Guide: How to Attract Mr. Right.

Best and Worst Places for Newly Single Women to Meet Men

If you're just coming out of a divorce or a long relationship, it can be beneficial to know some good and bad places to meet men. Let's look at common ways to meet men.

Common Interest Groups

Join a club or sporting league of something you are interested in. Unless it's knitting, there's a good chance you'll encounter some single men through this activity. Go to concerts of musicians you really like. It's okay to go alone, maybe you'll meet an interesting guy. The best part of this approach is that you know you have at least one thing in common before even knowing their name.

Men, Women, and Infidelity

When it comes to infidelity, men and women think differently. Men usually cheat for superficial reasons. These include the thrill of doing something forbidden and sexual attraction. Women, on the other hand, cheat when there are serious problems in a relationship. They try to fill the void through the affair. Even though there are apparent and general gender-related differences, each individual and each relationship is different and has a different dynamic.

What to Do Once Your Divorce is Finalized

Even though divorce proceedings can be grueling and tedious, they give you the opportunity to begin a whole new life. Unfortunately, many people focus on the negative emotional and financial impact of a divorce, rather than thinking about the new life they can create. If you still have a year or two before your divorce is finalized, there are a number of things you can begin planning in order to ease the transition.

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