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Divorce and Career Change

divorce career change After your divorce or separation you may begin to experience changes in your career. Are you ready to move up the ladder at your existing company, or switch jobs for better pay or quality of life? Our articles will help you with every step of your career game plan, including upgrading your resume, asking for a raise, preparing for an interview, and more.

Preparation for the Interview

Congratulations, you received a phone call for an interview! Now what?!

It's time for research!

This may mean any or all of the following steps:

Improving your Office Environment

A pleasant environment can make a positive difference in your emotional state. When you are especially vulnerable due to trauma, the need for a "positive boost" is especially great. Therefore, do all that you can, to improve the appearance of your office environment. Try the following tips:

Dress For Success

Congratulations! You have an interview and you've completed your research. Now you have to decide what to wear to your interview.

Some jobs require a certain appearance, for example, it is reasonable to expect a receptionist for a stylish spa to have an attractive, trendy appearance. Other jobs should not require emphasis on appearance; however, the reality is that first impressions are critical. You want to look good, and you want to look appropriate for the employment position. Your attire will set the tone for the interview.