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Divorce and Family Law

Our Divorce and Family Law section is designed to provide general and accessible information on topics of divorce family law including the advantages of mediation as an alternative to litigation, the calculation of child support payments and their enforcement, the calculation of spousal support (alimony), how to choose a lawyer and more.

If you are interested in divorce and family law, you may also want to check out our forum where readers share their questions and concerns on general topics such as the legal and judicial processes and also personal experiences such as "how the court ascertained my child custody provisions".

These family law divorce articles are designed to provide basic information. The articles do not contain legal advice or in any way replace the specialized advice of lawyers or other experts in the field of family law.

What Is A Fault Divorce?

There are two primary reasons for getting a divorce. First is the case where a couple has experienced problems over a period of time that they are unable to resolve. A couple in this situation may have spent time working with a therapist or psychologist before determining that their differences are irreconcilable. This type of divorce is called a “no-fault divorce.” The other type of divorce, where one or both of the parties has done something to cause the divorce, is called a “fault divorce.”

How to Choose a Lawyer

This may be one of the most important decisions you will make at this time. We are often asked this question - "How do I choose the best lawyer for me?"

Basically, you can only go on reputation, referral, and trust.

This is what we suggest:

Spousal Support (Alimony) in Canada

Spousal support otherwise known as "alimony" is a payment made by one spouse to his former partner. It is available to both persons in a marriage or in a common-law relationship. However, unmarried persons can only seek an order for the payment of spousal support in certain circumstance.