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Divorce and Popular Culture

Check out this category for your daily dose of juicy gossip about celebrity divorce, commentary about Trends and Fads, both good and bad,and articles generally relating to our Popular Culture.

Chicken For Thanksgiving: Dealing with Divorce During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Imagine having a chicken dinner on Thanksgiving!

What would Thanksgiving be without the turkey and the trimmings? To many people, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving. Ironically, we eat more chicken than turkey on a year-round basis. However, we have grown accustomed to eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Having a chicken dinner would be a big change that few people would accept.

It has to do with our perception. Humans are creatures of habit. We like stability and dislike change.

Hollywood Divorce: Top 10 Reasons

The fact is that Hollywood divorces are not a big surprise. Everybody knew Britney Spears and her ex-husband, dancer Kevin Federline, were doomed from the start. Why would you want a man, anyhow, who is willing to dump his pregnant girlfriend? Okay, he’s cute, but cute only takes you so far. What about Carmen Electra’s marriage to Basketball player Dennis Rodman? Did anyone expect that marriage to last?

Divorce Talk: The Last Taboo

Welcome to the 21st century. Gone are the days when a pregnant woman could not appear on television. A magazine shoot of a topless model no longer evokes a gasp. The definition of marriage is re-defined. However, despite the exponential rise in the divorce rate, it would seem that divorce talk is the last taboo.