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Divorce Financial Help

divorce financial help Is your financial picture less than rosy after your divorce? Do you want help improving the "bottom line"? Do you feel that you don't have enough back-ups like life insurance and trust funds now that you're single? The key is to come out ahead of the game, with savings every month. If you're not sure how to accomplish this, you can sharpen your money-making skills by reading our divorce financial help articles covering topics including how to use your credit card wisely, money saving tips and general investing advice. Take advantage of our resources, including our FREE income and expense worksheets, General Investing Tips and more.

A Guide to Getting a Quick Divorce

Surprisingly enough, the process of getting a divorce does not have to take months and years. If your spouse does not contest the articles of the divorce, you can complete the proceedings in as little as twenty-four hours. Of course, you may need to travel or make some additional arrangements in order to take advantage of these options.

Quick Divorces in the United States

Protecting Your Assets in a Divorce

When you're planning to get married, you probably aren't thinking about how to protect yourself should you wind up divorcing your partner. However, it's important to realize that over 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. If you aren't prepared to protect your assets, you'll find it much harder to get a divorce and begin your new life, should your marriage end unexpectedly.

Steps to take before getting married

Divorce and Your Credit

We're all told to check a potential fiancés credit habits and score before entering into a serious relationship, but we often forget to think about the enormous number of credit issues that result from divorce. Should your relationship end in this manner, you may find that your credit allowances will be reduced in the future. In addition, if your spouse runs up a debt, you may find yourself liable for the debt and unable to keep up with payments on your own. Unfortunately, the majority of the credit issues you'll have to deal with won't be easy to resolve.

Separating your creditors