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divorce adviceIn this category, you can find REAL questions posted by our WomanDivorceSupport.com members, using our Contact Form and the replies posted by our consultants.

If you can assist in answering the questions, as a result of personal experience or otherwise, we encourage you to post a comment. We can learn from one another!

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I am Losing my Mind

I just need help how to survive this period of time. We had been married for 8 years. i live in his country which is foreign to me, i have no family here and no support. My 18 year old daughter just left to study to another country and we are very much connected. i miss her so much that I had not stopped crying since she left which is now 3 days. my husband chose this moment to ask for divorce. i feel my whole world is falling apart. i also cannot financially

Help! My Friend's Husband Made a Sexual Advance

Question: Help! My friend's husband made a sexual advance ... he called me, out of the blue, and started asking me these wierd sexual questions. My friend and I are not very close, I guess she's closer to an aquaintance, but we are friendly, I like her, she's a good person. I'm not at all interested in her husband.
Do I tell her?

Young Child Discipline - Divorce Stress

Question : I am in the midst of a divorce which is not amicable even with respect to our age 3 1/2 daughter. I have been trying to juggle understanding and acknowledging her feelings and confusion, as well as what seems to be anger when she comes back from visitation with her dad, and discipline.

There are times when she is whiny, talks back to me, and throws tantrums, and does not show respect towards me and others when she is wonderful. My mother stated that she was behaving like a spoiled brat.