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Real Women Divorce Stories

Read true divorce stories about real women's experiences through the process of separation and divorce - see Enter Prince Charming. Every woman has a different divorce story, but we can all learn and grow from sharing our experiences! Would you like to share with us your story? Please Contact Us with your submission.

Don't let Divorce separate You from Yourself

As a young woman, many people would think that I have not yet lived long enough to experience life. I am a month shy of my 24th birthday and already I have accomplished and experienced more things than many women twice my age. I have graduated high school, been married, had a child, owned my own business, been divorced, owned a home, found my "soul mate" and had another child.

Enter Prince Charming

I met my husband in my late twenties. I had finished medical school and was doing a residency. I suppose, in my mind, that I felt "ready", finally, for a serious relationship. However, there were no candidates on the horizon.

Daddy Has a New Friend – A True Story

Your ex-husband has taken it upon himself to introduce your children to his new squeeze, the 22-year old that he met last weekend at the bar. What is your response?

Okay, change the scenario. Your ex-husband took your 6 year old daughter to McDonalds' restaurant, accompanied by his 23-year old new girlfriend. What is your response? How should you act?

It happened to me...