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Single Parenting and Divorce

parenting and divorce Parenting is hard, in normal circumstance but parenting after divorce can be quite challenging. The information we offer in this category can help manage the stresses and streamline the routines you have set, with your child. Read our article on How to Explain Separation to Children if you are unsure how to raise the issue of separation or divorce with your children. If you are having challenges in the discipline of your children, you may want to peruse our article Positive Discipline. Childcare can also be a major issue for a new single parent, and in consideration of this fact, we have provided a variety of articles, including Choosing the Right Day Care and Babysitting Switch - The Pros and Cons of Trading Babysitting.

Divorce Support - When your Children are In School

A number of things can shake up a person's life, but divorce is definitely one of the biggest. Whether you initiated it or not, dealing with the aftermath takes a great deal of emotional fortitude.

Most people start to identify themselves in conjunction with their spouse, especially after several years of marriage. Having that identity wrested away in a divorce is a soul-shaking and world-shattering event. There is no more "family" the way you previously defined it, and it's something that affects both you and your children.

Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables: 7 Rare And Effective Techniques

Everyone knows that vegetables pack an important nutritional punch and their low-fat content leaves greasy snack foods “green with envy”, which is why we as parents are strongly motivated to try to convince our children to eat up all their veggies. Many parents face a frustrating and common issue though: their children flat out refuse to eat vegetables!

Choosing the Right Daycare

Putting a child in daycare for a full time working parent is usually the most common option. However choosing the right daycare for you and your child may not always be an easy task.

The quality of the daycare is very important and should be examined thoroughly before making a choice.

Here are some valuable tips and information for choosing a quality daycare center.