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November 2007: You Go Girl! Set SMART Goals

Welcome to the November, 2007 Newsletter.

Motivated woman

Our focus this month is on setting effective goals and in accomplishing those goals. The first step, of course, is to set SMART goals. To assist you in this task, check out the following 8 tips:

  1. State each goal as a positive statement: For example, stating your goal as “I will exercise 2 times this week” is more effective than “I will not be a lazy couch potato this week”.

Celebrate The Senses: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Being : August / September 2007 (Fall Issue)

pamper picture

Have you gone out for dinner, only to reject a singular bite of a delectable dessert? Have you turned down a friend's invitation for a "girl's night out" because you thought you should spend the evening doing something more efficient, like re-organizing your underwear drawer?

July, 2007 Newsletter: How to Stay Calm in Times of Chaos

Calm Lady Summer is heating up. Perhaps you are enjoying watching your flowers bloom, or your children enjoy the great outdoors. Summer is usually considered the stress-free season. However, this season can bring its own unique stress. Sometimes, when it's hot outside, the temperature inside the house can rise as well... children that are not busy in school can wreak havoc. As well, if everybody in your workplace is taking a vacation except for you, it's easy to become cranky.