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Welcome to Woman Divorce Support. We are a peer-based counseling/support and networking service for women undergoing transition due to separation and divorce. We can offer you empathy, experience and practical tips to deal with the various issues that may arise.

We wish you the best of success in your journey forward!

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How to Stay Sane During a Stressful Divorce

If you are undergoing a completely amicable separation and divorce, where there are no children involved, and there is complete agreement on both sides respecting the division of assets, you may find your divorce relatively stress-free. However, where there are disputes regarding child custody or support, spousal support and/or the division of assets, separation and divorce are likely to be very stressful events. In addition to the stress regarding the resolution of the above issues, there may also be stress manifested from other factors which may come into play: your extended family may be conflicted over the situation, your own friends may feel uncomfortable with you in familiar social settings, your financial situation may become unstable and so on.

If you have a stable, long-term position with extended benefits, you may be able to take a paid stress-leave. For those women that cannot take a break from their usual responsibilities for work, child-rearing and more, there are nonetheless certain steps that can be undertaken to help lower your level of stress, so that you can keep your sanity during a difficult separation and divorce.

The Divorcee Guide: Learn to Trust your Gut

After undergoing the trauma of separation and divorce, your ability to make decisive decisions may be impaired. Quite simply, you may have lost faith in your intuitive abilities.

Trusting your instinct is an important skill. Women have an innate sense of intuition, and this intuition can assist in all aspects of life, including business. It can, quite literally, protect you and your family as well. Stories abound about women who were successful in avoiding dangerous men or situations because they "… had a bad feeling."

When women undergo a stressful personal event, their instinctual abilities are often lost. However, there are steps that can be undertaken to re-awaken the intuitive sense.

3 Considerations When Selling Your Home

Under any circumstance, the sale of your home can be emotionally challenging. The sale of your house under difficult circumstance, for example, pursuant to a court order after divorce, can be even more difficult.

We have listed below 3 items which can assist in ensuring that you get the best sale possible for your home, in its current state.