5 Reasons Why Divorced Women make Better Lovers

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This newsletter is all about Spring Fling. As spring matures and flowers blossom, you may find your thoughts turning to… romantic matters. Do you find yourself staring out your office window at the sexy landscaper outside? Did your alarm clock wake you up from a dream involving a handsome doctor… or better yet…. a dark-haired, dark-eyed pool-boy? It’s a symptom of spring.

If you are considering a spring fling, consider our article below.

5 Reasons Why Divorced Women make Better Lovers

  1. Divorced women take more pleasure in having pleasure. Divorcees are mature and comfortable in their own skin… that means that they are comfortable in allowing themselves to enjoy a loving state. This translates to a better experience for both partners.
  2. Divorced women are clear about what they like and what they don’t like. The ability to communicate clearly and respectfully is a positive attribute. When both partners are on the same page with each others’ likes and dislikes, the capacity for pleasure can only be heightened.
  3. Divorced women are patient with their partner and with themselves. It takes skill and experience to train a partner to be a compatible companion. Divorcees are patient in this department and aware that most behaviors can be learned… and the fun is in the journey of discovery!
  4. Divorced women are open-minded about experimenting with new experiences, for example, a different environment or perhaps a dress-up game… this means that both partners can have a great time exploring the parameters of their pleasure.
  5. Divorced women are attentive to their lovers. Men adore receiving attention from their divorcee-lovers, both under and over the bed sheets. The knowledgeable divorcee knows… if you direct your focus onto your partner’s desires, you reap the benefit, with a grateful and energetic companion.

Have you read a romantic book with a really funny title? Our WDS faves include: Werewolves in Heat, and Big Hot Tall Cowboy (or something like that)! WDS would like to know the title of your favorite Spring Fling Book. Contact Us and let us know the funniest title or plot line of a hokey romance book that you have read!

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