How to Stay Calm in Times of Chaos

July, 2007 Newsletter: How to Stay Calm in Times of Chaos

Summer is heating up. Perhaps you are enjoying watching your flowers bloom, or your children enjoy the great outdoors. Summer is usually considered the stress-free season. However, this season can bring its own unique stress. Sometimes, when it’s hot outside, the temperature inside the house can rise as well… children that are not busy in school can wreak havoc. As well, if everybody in your workplace is taking a vacation except for you, it’s easy to become cranky.

Staying calm and collected when everything is “peachy-keen” is easy. The challenge is to stay calm and collected when you are in the midst of difficult transition and possibly, chaos.

How do you stay calm in times of chaos? It’s a difficult trick, to be sure, but there are steps you can take that will help to stay calm in times of chaos.

    • Examine your diet. If you having problems sleeping or problems with anxiety generally, you may wish to remove any stimulants from your diet. For example, I love my coffee, but I know that I am effected by it; therefore, I try to limit my caffeine intake (1 coffee/day, before noon).
    • Settle your nervous system by listening to relaxing music, for example, when commuting to work or doing housekeeping. It may sound “hokey” but give it a try. For example: try listening to Hawaiian radio channel when you are doing a mindless task at work- it will make the time go faster.
    • Get a calendar and use it! It takes time and energy to sit down and plan your weekly activities. But it’s worth it. You do need a calendar that fits your needs and of course, it has to look good…check out the Calendar.
    • At some point, during the day, “take 10”. Cut 10 minutes from the day and go to a quiet place. Clear your mind of thoughts and breathe deeply. When thoughts come into your mind, simply release them and begin again. You will exit from your quiet place, feeling refreshed, albeit for a short time.
    • Don’t feel guilty about needing medication, for the short-term, to help you stay calm and focused in times of acute personal stress. Work with your physician to make sure the medication Type and Dosage is appropriate for you.
    • Change what you can and accept what you cannot. It requires a great deal of strength to take the initiative to effect positive changes. It requires even greater strength to accept that which you cannot change. Dedicate a portion of your day to dwell on your personal success in effecting positive change. Use that time to gather strength to accept the forces in the universe which cannot be changed. Possibly, you cannot change the circumstances in which you find yourself, but you can change your response to those circumstances and the consequences which flow therefrom.

Above all else, remember that the challenges you face presently will pass, and you will journey forward into a magnificent future!

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