Hollywood Divorce: Top 10 Reasons

The fact is that Hollywood divorces are not a big surprise. Everybody knew Britney Spears and her ex-husband, dancer Kevin Federline, were doomed from the start. Why would you want a man, anyhow, who is willing to dump his pregnant girlfriend? Okay, he’s cute, but cute only takes you so far. What about Carmen Electra’s marriage to Basketball player Dennis Rodman? Did anyone expect that marriage to last?

Below we have listed the Top 10 Reasons for a Hollywood Divorce: if you are a movie star reading this article, WDS recommends you review our list carefully before making a marriage commitment…

  1. One or both persons are not commitment-ready. Was this the reason for Jessica Simpson’s split from sweetheart Nick Lachey?
  2. One or both persons are under the influence of a narcotic element during the marriage ceremony. Carmen, take a mental note, it’s not a good idea to marry a man drunk.
  3. One person wants love, but the other person wants only fame/fortune. Britney Spears, we all want you to find a man that wants you … just for being who you are!
  4. One person thinks it’s acceptable to get cozy with adoring fans/prostitutes/, but the other person holds a “more traditional” view of the marriage. Tip for Denise Richards: If your fiancé has a brothel on speed dial, you might want to re-consider marriage to him.
  5. One partner’s values are out of sync with their partner’s values. Pamela Anderson really values animal rights. On the other hand, her flash-ex-husband Kid Rock really values animal rugs. These values are incompatible and hence their marriage failed.
  6. One partner meets someone that is thought to be “better” than their present spouse, either in appearance, personality, connections or another attribute.
  7. One partner wants to live in one country, and the other partner insists on living in another country. Distance makes the heart grow fonder … but for a successful marriage; the couple has to be in the same place, at least some of the time. Hopefully Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will work this out.
  8. One of the persons subscribes to a particular faith or ideology which the other partner does not. This may have been an issue for Tom Cruise, who subscribes to scientology, and Nicole Kidman, who did not. Best of luck to Katie Holmes!
  9. One person is an addict and the other person is not an addict. We are all crossing our fingers for Keith Urban to resolve his addiction issues so that his marriage to Nicole Kidman can survive and prosper.
  10. One person is not the gender that the other person anticipated. You figure this one out! And by the way, what gender, exactly, is Marilyn Manson?

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