I am Losing my Mind

I just need help how to survive this period of time. We had been married for 8 years. i live in his country which is foreign to me, i have no family here and no support. My 18 year old daughter just left to study to another country and we are very much connected. i miss her so much that I had not stopped crying since she left which is now 3 days. my husband chose this moment to ask for divorce. i feel my whole world is falling apart. i also cannot financially
survive on my own. I know all this will pass, but how can I survive it? I still love him and cannot imagine life without him, but he is firm and decided that there is no more us. I have no friends that I could talk to, we have been in this country not long enough. i feel like there is no life anymore and I am completely out of my mind.

AnswerEvery night before you go to sleep, express your gratitude for 3 things in your life… maybe your beautiful, healthy daughter… or a house to shelter you, or a good dinner… something….

Try to get involved with some community association, take a course perhaps, or invite a neighbor to your place for tea, or volunteer to help a person in need. You may not feel like having social interaction, but it’s SO very important. Plus, you may meet a person who can help with your money situation. Don’t expect to make new friends immediately, it can take a long time, but it WILL happen.

You are a beautiful, good person – tell yourself that, and BELIEVE in it. I think we can all make a positive difference in this world, and there are so many opportunities available to us.

Try meditation every day, to clear your mind, that may help to stabilize any emotional swings.

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