Purging after divorce – The Top 10 “Junk the Junk” Tips

Purging after divorce, belongings have been split and the dust has settled, it’s a good time to sort through the belongings which remain in your living space and de-clutter, aka “Junk the Junk”.

After separation or divorce you many find yourself surrounded by clutter which is causing chaos to your living space, and to your spirit. Are you finding yourself asking where to start decluttering?

De-cluttering is important for a variety of reasons. It can help you to live more minimalism after divorce aka efficiently. (Imagine how much time you can save in the morning when you don’t have to hunt for your keys) It can also help you to feel better about yourself. (Consider your improved state of mind when you toss out the belongings that are unnecessary, and only serve to evoke painful memories).

The Top 10 purging after divorce tips  “Junk the Junk”:

1. If conquering an entire closet is intimidating, de-clutter in baby-steps. Select 1 shelf in your closet, and Just Do It.

2. Don’t rush yourself. If you feel you are not emotionally prepared to empty your ex-husband’s used golf clubs, re-schedule the de-cluttering session for a period of time in which you feel ready to tackle the task. It took me a year to clean out my garage.

3. Before you begin, help yourself to stay motivated by putting on your favorite music, and a 30-minute timer

4. Schedule the de-cluttering session for a convenient time. For example, if you have 2 young children, you should probably schedule the de-cluttering session for a time in which the children are in pre-school or at a friend’s house.

5. If you are de-cluttering a drawer, you may want to begin by simply emptying the drawer, so that you can see everything that you have to go through. Then, work through the clutter in a systematic fashion. Make executive decisions about each and every item.

6. Have the de-cluttering tools ready. For example, if you are de-cluttering your closet, you should have at least 1 bin marked “Donation” and 1 bin marked “Junk”.

7. Gather your resolution and be strong. You may like that jacket that you haven’t worn in 5 years, but the fact is, if you haven’t worn it in 5 years, chances are high that you will never wear it.

8. Consider your options. If a clothing or sports item is in excellent condition, consider selling it at a consignment shop.

9. Brace yourself for some tears. You may dig up painful memories along with the clutter. Accept that you may experience some emotion, and understand that the de-cluttering is an important process in your healing and journey forward.

10. Plan a celebratory event when you finish the de-cluttering session. For example, celebrate the re-organization of your family room with a specialty coffee (don’t forget to put your feet up on the pillow and give yourself a mental pat on the back).

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