Get Motivated to Exercise

Many women make resolutions around the New Year to exercise more. However, one or two months later, the motivation fails and the exercise regime… doesn’t happen.

There are some persons that have seamlessly incorporated an exercise program into their daily schedule. For the rest of us, it’s hard to simply “get up” and exercise.

Have you used the following excuses to avoid starting an exercise program?

  • I’m starting my exercise program in 2 months.
  • I have a busy schedule.
  • I don’t have childcare.
  • I can’t afford a gym.
  • I’m just too tired.
  • It’s boring.

If you have the desire but not the motivation to start exercising, the tips we have listed below may be useful to initiate an exercise program. Starting to exercise is great – the good feeling that you get from “moving” will help maintain the momentum to keep you going.

Make a realistic plan of what you want to achieve within 1 week – for example, you might want to go for a half hour walk twice during the week. Post your plan in a visible area, for example, stick it on the fridge.

Pick a time for your exercise which is do-able. For example, if your evenings are hectic, set your alarm half hour earlier in the morning, and exercise at that time. Some persons prefer mornings to exercise, some persons prefer mid-afternoon and so on. Studies are not unanimous regarding a singular “best time” to exercise, so simply exercise when it’s most convenient for you!

Pick a reward for yourself (no, not an ice cream sundae!). If you have a favorite television program, watch it after you finish a half hour walk on your treadmill. Alternatively, tape the program and watch it while you walk on the treadmill.

Instead of meeting a friend for coffee and a donut, try meeting them for a game of badminton at a local health facility. If you don’t have a racket, the facility itself may have extra rackets you can borrow. If the weather is nice, go for a walk with a friend. If you have a dog, you can walk it through an off-leash park. Your dog will love you for it!

If your schedule permits, sign up for a local community class in which you can get active at a pace that’s appropriate for you. For example, try a belly-dancing class; you will be working your muscles in a friendly and safe environment. Exercise can take many different forms- you have to a choose a form which is fun for you!

Exercise your bragging rights. If you ran a mile, feel free to brag about it. You should feel proud of yourself. However, be conscious of the persons to whom you are bragging. If you feel a friend is unsupportive, for whatever reason, you may choose to not share your new exercise accomplishments with them. After all, you want to surround yourself with positive spirit.

Try meeting with a fitness professional to assess your initial status and set goals, on a periodic basis. If you need to conserve money, you might want to see if you can “share” a fitness session with a friend, or two, and share the cost. Another option could be obtaining a free consultation with a College student enrolled in a physical fitness program. Contact local Colleges to ascertain if this option is viable.

Best of success to you! If you become a fitness model, send us your picture!!

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